We are reopening June 2. The play area will be closed until further notice. Click here for new policies and information.

After what seems like forever, we are finally reopening our doors on Tuesday, June 2nd. We are excited to see everyone again! We do want to let you know the policies that will be in operation for the next month and reassessed in July. For now, our play area will be closed. I know this is a primary draw for many people and it was not an easy decision. We do need to adhere to social distancing guidelines though, which means a maximum of 12 customers in the store at a time (adults and children combined). This is one of the many reasons that allowing extended play time in our store just isn’t feasible right now.
We will be adhering to the current CDC recommendations. For everyone’s safety, we ask that you wear a face mask while in the store. Disposable masks will be available on request.

We will continue to offer curbside pickup to anyone who chooses to use it. Online shopping is now available, and can be used for curbside pickup, or to expedite in store pickups. E-gift cards can be purchased through the site too. We are also looking into shipping options, and that will hopefully also be  available soon.
Any birthday parties scheduled in June are subject to the same number restrictions as the store. We can have up to 12 guests (adults and children combined) on the second floor. Any parties already scheduled during that time can go ahead with the guidelines, reschedule for a later date, or request a refund. We will be reducing the number of party slots to 2 on Saturday (10pm and 2pm) and 2 on Sunday (12pm and 4pm). This will allow additional time in between parties for the necessary additional cleaning and sanitizing.

We want to thank everyone for bearing with us during this difficult time, and for your continued support. Being closed for almost 3 months has taken a huge toll, and having to reopen without a play area and restricted parties will continue to be an ongoing struggle. Shopping with us is a huge help, and we are also accepting donations through our online store or this link.

With your help and support, we will still be here when we can eventually reopen fully. Thank You!