We now have ticketed play times. Click here for tickets and details.

The play area is now reopen with limited occupancy. We are only allowed to operate at a very limited capacity, so we have to be proactive about managing occupancy. In order to do that, we have ticketed time slots. Tickets can be purchased for $3 per child for a 1 hour time slot. There are 4 time slots per day (3 on Sunday), and currently 10 tickets per slot. Adults are free, but limit 1 adult per child. Anyone coming to shop does not need a ticket, but please note that due to the limited occupancy all children at any play table at any time will need a ticket for the current time slot. Limit 1 time slot per child per day. The ticketed groups will be limited enough to allow a few shoppers to come through during the time blocks.

Mask use is required for for anyone over the age of 6 as imposed by St. Louis City and County. A limited number of disposable masks will be available for use.

Follow the link below to select your number of tickets, date, and time. You will be e-mailed a receipt of the purchase. Tickets are non-refundable. You can print your receipt out and bring it in, or simply have the e-mail ready on your phone when you arrive. You do not need to pick up a physical ticket. Thank you all for your understanding and support during this process!


Can I “buy out” a time slot for a private play time?

Due to the demand and limited number of slots, we can only allow 1 ticket per child, and 1 time slot per day.

Do I need an adult for each child?

There is a maximum of 1 adult per child to maintain the required occupancy, but 1 adult can bring multiple children. Adults are free and do not need tickets.

Can I just buy a ticket when I arrive instead of online?

If tickets are still available you can purchase them in store, but we highly recommend advance purchases as many time slots sell out and we can not sell additional tickets at that point.  

Do I need a reservation or ticket to shop in the store?

You do not need a reservation or ticket if you are shopping only. 

Do my kids need a ticket to play while I am shopping?

Any child in the play area will need a ticket for the current play time.

What time should I arrive for my play time?

Please arrive at your ticketed start time. In order to facilitate cleaning and occupancy management, please exit at your ticketed end time.

Do I need to pick up tickets?

There are no physical tickets. We will place you on the list when you purchase tickets, but you should bring your e-mailed receipt either printed or on your phone as added confirmation.  


Purchase tickets here